Perkins Diesel Generators UAE

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Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators are an electrical generation units that run on diesel. usually it comes with two parts: a diesel engine and an alternator. Jimen Power is specialized in providing powerful and reliable diesel generators for the market. with our unmatched experience and our award winning support you are guaranteed to get the best deals for diesel generators.

We specialize in Perkins brand. Perkins is a manufacturer of Diesel Engines. Perkins Engines coupled with Leroy Somer or Stamford Alternators provide unmatched solutions for power generations.

Some of the key features of a Perkins engine are the following:

  1. Excellent damping performance: optimization and design of the damping system based on dynamic computer simulations.
  2. Advanced control system: control strategies of whole monitoring system based on the reliability design.
  3. Green environmental protection: diesel gensets integrated with energy saving and low emission.
  4. Low noise: exhaust and muting system is customized for each set.
  5. Good performance: stable running, small vibration, low fuel consumption, low oil consumption, long running life and short overhaul and low noise.