jimen power DSE Deep Sea ControllerDSE7450 DC Generator Control Module
The DSE 7450 is a control module designed to control DC generators in supplying both a load and/or the charging of batteries.
Specific attention has been given to ensure this module has the necessary features to be configured for many different and challenging applications.
Owing to the large number of monitoring points and the built in programmable logic controller, a wide number of operating modes can be realized. This provides the user with the ultimate flexibility in the engine control of the generator to ensure battery life optimization, reduce engine maintenance /replacement and fuel usage.

DSE4610 Auto start control module
The DSE4610 is a compact auto start control module that has been developed to provide an outstanding range of features within a compact enclosure.
Large back-lit icon LCD display.
3-phase generator sensing.
600 V ph-ph nominal system compatibility.
Generator & load power monitoring(kW,kVA,kV Ar,P.F)
Generator overload protection (kW).

Configurable inputs & outputs
Configurable DC,Volt-free and staged loading outputs.
Fuel & crank outputs.
Magnetic pick-up speed sensing.
Engine speed protection, engine hours counter, engine pre-heat, engine run-time scheduler, engine idle control for start/stop.
Battery voltage monitoring, configurable event log (50).
DSE configuration suite PC software.
Power save mode
Engine maintenance alarms.
Alternative configuration.

Key Benefits

Displays information to the operation in a clear and concise format
Provides true generator sensing
Provides global flexibility.
Provides clear accurate power measurement information
Provides engine overload protection.
Provides multiple installation options.
Provides controlled engine starting and stopping.
Provides full monitoring flexibility.
Ensures the engine is fully monitored for improved operating performance.
Ensure the battery maintains enough power at all times.
Provides access to historical alarms and operational status.
Provides complete user-friendly configuration and easy to use high level system control and monitoring.