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Diesel Generators and Acoustic Canopies

UK_Perkins_generatorJimen Power Trading provides all ranges for Perkins (UK) diesel generators. Open and canopy type. All in stock Our assembly line produces the whole range of diesel generating sets, from 8 to 2250KVA, custom-built units for various applic ations and climates.

Jimen Power Trading Quality Control team makes sure that each item sold to a customer is properly tested and accompanied by checklists, maintenance books, spare parts listing, certificates and manuals. Each unit leaving our assembly line is given an international warranty of 12 months for all parts.


Jimen Power Trading takes new approach in manufacture of acoustic canopies.

All units are made from Carbon Steel hot Rolled Sheet Metal, of 3mm and 2mm thickness, which are fabricated through modern methods of sheet metal fabrication techniques.

Our acoustic canopies are designed to allow easy maintenance of the Generator and direct access for the control panel through 5 doors with nickel coated handles, stainless steel hinges and transparent plastic window. The walls of the canopy are lined with acoustic foam which allows best attenuation performance of 72 Db at 1 mtr.

All parts are electro-static powder coated, this operation is done through several stages including Degreasing at 60oC, and two stages of water Washing, Phosphating, powder spray and finally the parts are introduced to an Automatic operated Oven where the painting process ends.

The sectionalized structure of the canopies allows delivery to a customer disassembled, for later assembly at a site, which serves for maintenance needs also.

All sound proof parts are to be screwed together when assembled, Thanks for the precision machines, TIG welding and new methods of fabrication that allows us to make mass production of parts.

One of the critical properties of our product is its controlled weight that allows shipping with lower costs.