synchro jp

SYNCHRONIZATION deals with synchronizing Diesel Generator or more Diesel Generator with main supply to avoid production losses. This system gives tripping free operation for precise processes. This system also used to share the load amongst each DG.

SYNCHRONIZATION PANEL are mainly designed and used to meet power system requirements. These panels provide manual as well as automatic synchronizing function for one or more generator breaker. They are widely used in synchronizing generators and offering multi flexing solutions. It shall be as specified in paragraph Panels and shall provide controls, gauges, meters and display to include.

The device is provided with control switches in the front panel. These switches are responsible for manual raising and lowering of speed voltage of the generator to match the bus frequency and voltage before synchronizing the volts meters in the device that offer generator and bus measurement.


1- Generator Control Unit
This unit automatically matches generator frequency and volatge
2- Synchroclosure Unit
It sends the closing command to the breaker at the exact moment of phase coincident
3- Syncroclosure Check Reley
It performs the progressive function of verifying voltage and phase angle conditions and ensuring that they are within preset limits, before allowing the breaker to close.